Dry Storing

Dry Storing
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Dry Storing

Bana Albaik Logistic Company offers Renting different spaces upon request and customized by goods that are capable for regular storage warehouses.
Dry Storage fees are as follows:   

Area: Feet
Container fee: AED Unloading fee: AED
40 4800 (monthly) 1000
20 3200 (monthly) 600
40 250 (Daily) 1000
20 200 (Daily) 600
- Daily storage fee per Pallet is: 8 AED; if the pallet number is less than (8) Pallets, in addition to loading and unloading fees: 40 AED every time for pallet number less than 8 pallets.

- Monthly fees will be added upon period to every renting contract (management fees) starts from 200 AED to 600 AED or more according to estimates when necessary.

- Permission Delivery fee for each goods going out of Bana Albaik Logistic warehouses is: 30 AED.

- Reception fee for each delivered goods by our contacted customers is: 350 AED at every reception.

Bana Albaik Logistic Company apologizes for storing goods that are counterfeit, commercially adulterated, expired goods; all legal conditions and requirements are listed in storage contract with Bana Albaik Logistic Company clients and vary depending on types of goods. 
Working hours: Saturday to Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM

Ban Albaik Logistic Company will add an Online Payment Services into the web site soon ...


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